In Quebec, the automobile claims process is fairly straightforward. In the event of a collision without injury, fill out a Joint Report and notify your insurance company. It will then assess the damage and you will receive your indemnity soon after. The faster you file a claim with your insurance company, the faster it will be settled.

• The Joint Report is not an admission of liability. It serves only to identify the parties involved and helps speed up settlement. Always keep a copy in your glove compartment!

For property damage, your insurance company must assess your degree of fault in order to determine your compensation. Are you 0%, 50%, or 100% at fault? To find out, your insurer will use the Direct Compensation Agreement which describes virtually all possible accident scenarios.

Before repairs are done, your insurance company must examine the damage to your vehicle, and come to an agreement with you on the amount of compensation.

You want your car repaired at a specific location? It's your right. Just be sure your mechanic is able to do the work according to the repair quote, at the cost you agreed upon with your insurance company.

If you purchased replacement cost insurance and your vehicle's parts cannot be repaired, they will be replaced with new ones.

What if your vehicle is declared a total loss? Your replacement cost insurance will give you a new car with similar equipment and accessories.

Your insurer has to pay for damages within 60 days of receiving the supporting documents, such as the Joint Report or police report, the damage estimate, towing bills, auto rental bills, etc.
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